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It’s a funny story - call it a “quarter-life crisis”. My whole life had been lined up to be an attorney - the right grades, extra-curricular activities, university, course-work, etc. I turned 25 the day before the LSAT exam, and boy was I irritated about the timing of the exam messing up my birthday plans! 

How did I get started as an
interior designer?

Meet Stacey Bran

I put my pencil down, and walked out of the testing room. I literally walked away from my lifelong plans! My parents said, “Well, now what do you want to do with your life?”

But I went to the exam. 12 minutes in to the test, I had an “epiphany”
moment and realized I just didn’t want to be a lawyer! 

I applied for a Masters degree program at The George Washington University (“GW”), was accepted, graduated #1 in my class, and started building a career in the design industry.

I really didn’t know! But after talking about what I ENJOY doing and have talent for, I discovered this wonderful field called Interior Design!

“Anything worth doing is
worth doing well.”

- Hunter S. Thompson

I’ve been so fortunate to find my true passion and be able to share my talents with a lot of appreciative clients. 

Thank goodness I put down my pencil that day long ago and had the instinct to follow a different path!


Cooking or  Dining Out


This or That


I don’t cook; I make reservations.

Sweet   or savory

Always sweet! I’m a chocoholic.

Introvert or  Extrovert

I can enter a room full of strangers and easily make friends!

Beach  or  Mountains

I love sand between my toes.

Cats  or  Dogs

I prefer dogs (including my 2 Westies), but I love all animals.